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Welcome to Sekondary – a revolutionary subscription-based portal for seamless investment networking. Our platform is uniquely designed to connect shareholders and investors, reshaping how startup and scaleup opportunities are discovered and pursued. Dive into a world where your investments reach their true potential.


Your Gateway to Seamless Secondary Transactions in Startups

2,000+ shareholders

Enhanced Visibility for Shareholders: Shareholders can elevate their portfolio companies' presence, presenting multiple offers to a wide and diverse investor audience. This tier amplifies exposure, ensuring your ventures stand out in a competitive market.

1,000+ investors

Streamlined Connections: Sekondary doesn’t just showcase opportunities; we facilitate direct connections. When an investor expresses interest, we ensure you’re immediately connected, fostering meaningful collaborations.

300+ companies

Dynamic Investment Community: Join a vibrant community where startups, scaleups, and investors converge. Sekondary offers a dynamic space for exploring and engaging with a multitude of investment prospects.

Secondary Transactions for Business Angels in Europe

A Comprehensive Guide

This ebook sheds light on the intricacies of secondary transactions, providing invaluable insights, expert advice, and practical steps to help you unlock new opportunities and maximize your returns.

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