About Sekondary

At Sekondary, we are dedicated to reshaping the landscape of startup equity markets by providing comprehensive liquidity solutions for Business Angels and startup employees. We understand the challenges often faced when it comes to the management of investments and lack of exit opportunities. Our platform has been designed with a singular goal in mind - to streamline this complex process, offering a set of optimized tools for effective deal management, and ensuring that each interaction on our platform is convenient, secure, and efficient.

Our product offerings are crafted to cater to both Business Angels and startup teams. For Business Angels, we offer a platform that allows for efficient management of their investments and better liquidity via internal and external shareholders. For startup teams, we provide a fully customizable liquidity window solution integrated with their ESOP or PSOP plans, allowing employees to sell their vested stock options or phantom shares. In both offerings, our focus remains on the provision of an environment that is regulatory compliant, performing thorough KYC/KYB verifications to ensure a seamless transaction experience.

Our dedication extends beyond providing services. As a team, we strive to foster a community of investors and startups that encourages growth, innovation, and success. We believe that the future of startups lies in a more inclusive and sustainable ecosystem. Our mission and vision reflect this belief. We envision a future where liquidity barriers in startup equity are a thing of the past, enabling every investor and startup employee to benefit from their hard work and dedication. We are here to unlock your potential. Welcome to Sekondary.

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The Mission

At Sekondary, our mission is to democratize the secondary market for startup equity, offering seamless and efficient liquidity solutions for Business Angels and startup employees. We strive to provide transparent, regulated, and streamlined processes that simplify investment management, unlocking exit opportunities and facilitating optimal returns. We aim to empower investors and employees with innovative tools, enhancing their engagement, and aligning their growth with the startups they are part of.

The Vision

Our vision is to become the leading platform for secondary startup equity transactions in Europe and beyond, revolutionizing the way Business Angels and startup employees manage their investments. We aspire to create an inclusive and sustainable ecosystem that fosters growth, innovation, and entrepreneurial success. We envision a future where liquidity barriers in startup equity are a thing of the past, where every investor, regardless of size, can have a fair opportunity to maximize their returns, and where every startup employee can reap the full benefits of their hard work and dedication.

Executive Team

Alex Bisbe

Co-founder & CEO

Javier Darriba

Co-founder & non-executive chairman

Rafael García Escarré

Co-founder & Investor

Alexandra Cavero

Investor & advisor

Victor Navarro


Indira García

Interim CFO

Blanca Felez

Head of Compliance

Our investors

Sekondary's distinguished investors bring more than just financial support to the table, they provide valuable mentorship and access to networks for top-performing startups and scale-ups.

Javier Darriba

Javier, a serial entrepreneur and expert in building international operations, has a successful track record of raising over $40M in funding for his own companies and now offers his expertise as an early investor, board member, advisor, and mentor to help other startups grow their business, secure funding, and establish operations globally. He holds an MBA from ESADE and University of Chicago, a Master's in Law from Universitat de Barcelona, and an AMP from IESE business school.

Farside Ventures

Farside is an investor that aims to push the boundaries of entrepreneurial development. It seeks to push technology and business ideas to the limit with the best talent, leveraging the extensive experience and knowledge of its founders and organization. They want to be on the cutting edge of business development and innovation, continuously pushing the limits of what is possible. The company believe that with the right combination of talent, technology and experience, they can achieve their goal of creating a better future.

The Data Venture

We believe that data will be a bigger revolution than the software was. We are constantly exploring and validating new business concepts around cybersecurity, privacy, DEFI and sovereignty. We design, prototype, and validate our top ideas to become the next scalable digital products.