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Unlocking liquidity and value for employees, companies and investors

Sekondary offers a unique solution for startups and scaleups to manage and provide liquidity to their Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOPs) and Business Angels seeking an exit. This approach can enhance talent retention, facilitate investor transitions, and provide appealing investment opportunities for institutional investors and family offices.

The process of collaborating with Sekondary is efficient, transparent, and gives your company greater flexibility:

1) Contact us to express your interest in providing liquidity to your ESOPs, Business Angels, and improving talent retention.
2) We will work with you to design the rules and liquidity windows that align with your specific objectives and your investors’ needs.
3) We will provide a pre-offer space on our marketplace, allowing institutional investors and family offices to view your proposal.
4) Interested investors will send an e-LOI. You will grant them access to your Virtual Data Room for proper due diligence.
5) Investors will send a binding offer and accept a contract along with the Shareholder’s Agreement.
6) Investors will transfer funds according to the liquidity windows you have designed, and their rights will be converted into shares in your company (Common shares).

Remember: Each company is unique, and it’s important for you to design your liquidity windows and rules to align with your objectives, your employees’ needs, and your investors. We’re here to assist you every step of the way.

We invested in Sekondary because they are revolutionizing the way startups and scale-ups incentivize and retain employees, while also providing a secondary market for early stage investors, and that makes sense

Rafael Garcia Escarré

CEO at Farside Ventures, a Sekondary investor.