Deal Flow Management Platform

Sekondary's Deal Flow Management Platform is a central feature designed for companies and investors who are actively engaged in seeking and managing investment opportunities. This innovative tool simplifies the complexities of managing deal flow and integrates seamlessly with Sekondary's liquidity program, enabling companies and investors to efficiently manage their investment pipeline and secondary offers directly from the platform.


Sekondary's deal flow manager main features.

Exclusive Access to Private Invites

Users can review unique investment opportunities they've been personally invited to, providing a selective approach to deal sourcing.

Streamlined Investment Selection

The platform offers a centralized location to review and decide on potential investments, making the selection process more efficient.

Custom Investment Preferences

Investors can set their investment preferences, ensuring that they're matched with deals that align with their interests and investment strategy.

Real-Time Updates and Interest Indication

Investors can see real-time updates on deals and indicate their interest directly within the platform, facilitating prompt engagement.

Integrated Communication Tools

The platform may include features that enable direct communication with the entity offering the deal, enhancing clarity and negotiation processes.