For companies

Raise capital or provide liquidity for Startups & Scale-ups shareholders.

Why Sekondary? In today's fast-paced ecosystem, startups and scale-ups require efficient tools and platforms that simplify capital dynamics while maximizing opportunities for liquidity. Sekondary bridges this gap, offering tailored solutions that empower companies to focus on what they do best - innovate and grow.

Efficient Cap Table Consolidation

Optimized Equity Management: Over time, companies can accumulate a diverse set of minority shareholders, leading to a fragmented cap table. With Sekondary, facilitate secondary transactions to transition away from these scattered minority positions, streamlining your equity structure. This cleanup process ensures clearer communication, reduced administrative complexity, and a more attractive proposition for potential investors or acquirers.

Raise capital

A company can utilize Sekondary to launch primary share offerings to a large pool of investors, facilitating direct contact on the platform.

Attract Growth Partners

Tailored Secondary Offers: Design and access specialized secondary market opportunities encompassing a variety of stakeholders Strategic Investor Integration: Replace smaller shareholders with institutional investors or VCs who bring not just capital, but valuable expertise and support for your future fundraising and strategic planning.

How It Works:



Begin by creating an account on the Sekondary platform, which involves providing company details and fulfilling any necessary regulatory compliance requirements to become an authorized user.

Offer Creation:

Design and publish a primary share offering, setting the terms such as share price, the number of shares, and investment minimums. This offer details the value proposition of the company to attract potential investors.

Getting in Contact with Interested Parties:

Once the offer is live, the platform will facilitate communication between the company and interested investors, allowing for direct interaction to discuss potential investments and finalize the capital raising process.