Sekondary Portfolio

Unveiling a state-of-the-art portfolio management system tailored to the needs of discerning investors in the startup space.

Portfolio manager

Effortless Integration of Investments

Info Required: Create a New Company in Your Portfolio

- Single Entry or CSV Upload: Dive in one-by-one or batch upload with CSV.

- Company Search: Verify in our database or add a new one.

- Number of Shares: How many do you own?

- Acquisition Price Per Share (EUR €): For tracking portfolio evolution. Not shared with investors.

- Investment Date: Month & Year of investment.

- Latest Price Per Share (EUR €): Use previous data if no new rounds.

- Latest Price Date: Month & Year of the latest share price.

Simple and efficient, that's Sekondary's portfolio for you.

Confidentiality Commitment: All data provided is strictly confidential and solely for internal portfolio management purposes. We prioritize your privacy.
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Robust KPI Dashboard

Monitor and manage the core metrics of your portfolio without getting lost in the numbers.

- Gain insights into your Total value and total invested amount.

- Stay updated with the current selling offers.

- Understand investment performance with clear visual representations of multiples.

Interactive Value Evolution Charts

Chart your success story!

Our dynamic, interactive graphing tool displays the value evolution of your portfolio in real time. With intuitive design and responsive data points, you're always in the know about how your investments are faring.

Streamlined Sell Offers

Maximize your returns with our sell offers feature:

- Create sell offers at your convenience.

- Define your terms clearly.

- Seamlessly connect with interested investors.

Wishlist: A Passive Strategy to Garner Interest

Let the interest come to you.

Once you upload an investment, it's automatically listed on our wishlist. Instead of actively chasing buyers, you can now be notified when potential acquirers show interest in your assets.

It's passive, efficient, and designed to get you the best value.

The Future of Portfolio Management (Coming Soon)

Knowledge is power. In our upcoming update:

- Access real-time news updates related to your investments.

- Dive deep with industry insights, curated to give you an edge in your investment decisions.

Elevate Your Investment Horizon

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