Your Gateway to Liquidity: Pricing Plans Crafted for Optimal Investment Flexibility

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Included features for Buyers:

  • Expansive Investment Opportunities: Gain access to a diverse portfolio of startups and scale-ups, expanding your investment horizons.
  • Access to Key Company Metrics: After expressing interest, gain access to relevant company metrics such as the last valuation, revenues, growth, class shares, and the shareholders agreement. These metrics are presented before the binding offer, providing you with the critical insights needed for making informed decisions.
  • Attractive Pricing Models: Seize the opportunity to acquire shares at competitive discounts, optimizing your return on investment.
  • Wishlist: Express interest in off-market companies and be the first to know when they open investment opportunities.
  • Secure and Transparent Transactions: Rest assured with our commitment to transparency and security, ensuring a safe and fair investment process.
  • Regulatory Compliance and KYC Verifications: All transactions on our platform adhere to the highest standards of regulatory compliance, and we conduct thorough Know Your Customer (KYC) checks for added safety.

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For €9.99 per month, users can create primary and/or secondary offers and gain exposure to over 1000 investors. This service includes facilitating contact between sellers or companies and interested investors.

For €14.99, shareholders can create multiple offers of their portfolio companies, making these offers visible and accessible to a broad range of investors.

Included Features for Sellers:

  • Portfolio Management Platform: Keep track of all your investments and monitor their performance in one place. Our platform allows you to add and manage all your portfolio companies. You can also generate sale offers straight away, making it a comprehensive tool for all your investment needs.
  • Tailored Liquidity Solutions: Whether it’s through internal shareholders or Sekondary’s expansive investor network, we provide Business Angels with the best opportunities to achieve liquidity.
  • Automated Communication Management: Say goodbye to tedious manual communications. We automate the process of notifying the company about the selling interests of Business Angels.
  • Regulatory Compliance and Verification: With our KYC/KYB verification services, we ensure that all transactions are compliant with the regulatory requirements, providing a safe and secure environment for all users.

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For Companies

for VC backed startups and scaleups


€9.99 monthly


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For €9.99, users can create primary and/or secondary offers and gain exposure to over 1000 investors. This service includes facilitating contact between sellers or companies and interested investors.

Included Features for Companies:

  • Deal Flow Offers:
    • Raise Capital: Create primary offers on Sekondary and gain exposure to over 1,000 investors, opening doors for your startup or scaleup.
    • Secondary Offers: Craft and access specialized secondary offers which can encompass liquidity options for early investors, founders, business angels, and key employee ESOPs.
  • Thorough Cap Table Management: Allow our team to manage your cap table, freeing you to focus on further growth.
  • Access to Secondary Market: A platform where stakeholders can sell their shares to external investors, materializing the true value of their investments.
  • Expansive Investor Network: Dive into our robust network of validated institutional investors, expanding the horizon of potential transactions.

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